The Confident Introvert:

The 6 Step Journey From Shy & Insecure to Confident & Empowered

Hey there,


If the above title resonated with you, I’m glad you’re here…

Are you self-conscious of your appearance, words and actions; assuming people are judging you and only seeing the negatives?

Do you feel as though you’re not interesting/clever/funny/attractive enough to have any impact on others?

Do you feel too unsure of your own opinions, values and passions to be able to speak about them confidently?

Do you immediately doubt your abilities when presented with something new or challenging?

Do you feel like you’re always pretending to be someone else purely to fit in and feel liked/valued?

Perhaps you’ve always been described as shy, quiet, reserved, and although you know it’s true, you’ve really had enough of those labels! You long to be more confident, open, positive, carefree...the list could go on and on and it just seems impossible to change so drastically because it’s not who you are. 

Somehow, any attempt at trying to change just doesn’t last and you feel as though you’ve let yourself down again, leading to even more frustration.

If this sounds like you, then you might be interested in what happened to me…

My story

As a young teenager I was shy, reserved and self-conscious.

After receiving one small comment about my size (not meant as an offense), I took this straight to heart and decided to diet in order to be thinner and more attractive. I developed very unhealthy thoughts about my body and rules about what I ate and I became underweight.

Thankfully, before being admitted anywhere, my eating improved but I continued to diet and fluctuate in weight up until my early 20s...


I realise now that I relied on my appearance to feel valued since I felt that I didn’t ‘have a personality.’ I had to look as perfect as I could look at all times, despite still only seeing my imperfections.

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When I had my first real relationship break up, I was overcome with feelings of despair, rejection and loneliness. I privately obsessed over the guy for more than a year, constantly going over all the memories and evidence I had that he used to love me.

I realise now that I was relying on his love and attention in order to feel happy and loved. Losing this made me feel the opposite: dejected and unloved. This is because I didn’t know how to love myself.

Whenever I was in public, my default facial expression would be serious or moody looking because if I was smiling, I wouldn’t want people to think, ‘What’s she so happy about?’ In my head, that would only attract unwanted attention and embarrassment.

I realise now that this unhappy image and insecure personality was my sense of identity. It was the only person I knew how to be.

I discovered my passion for singing (and dancing) but I couldn’t share it with anyone due to shyness and wanting to sound and look ‘perfect.’  I believed that if I appeared confident when singing or dancing around others, people would think that I considered myself amazing at it, when I clearly wasn’t.


Typical thoughts of mine:

“I won’t be good enough; it’s safer if I don’t try, I’ll just watch.”

“I can’t offer to cook, I have no idea what I’d make and they probably won’t like it.”

“They won’t find my story funny, I’ll keep quiet.”

“I won’t know anyone there, I won’t enjoy it.”

“I can’t make the first move, it’ll look like I’m desperate.”

“Why are people staring at me? What’s wrong with my clothes/face/hair?”

“It won’t matter if I don’t show up. No one will notice.”

“I’ll just go to the mirror one more time to check I still look okay.”

“Why did I eat that chocolate? Don’t even think about eating anything else now.”

“Why can’t I ever make a decision? I must seem so boring.”


At university, I met my next boyfriend who became my best friend, but I socially withdrew from my housemates and course friends (although I didn’t label it this way at the time). I convinced myself that I preferred to do my own thing, but I also believed that I had nothing interesting to say or contribute, and that I couldn’t relate to them because they wouldn’t understand how I felt.


My friend walked into my bedroom one day to find me crying silently. She wanted to help me, but I didn’t want to talk about it because I couldn’t explain it myself. I didn’t know why I was crying.

I realise now that we are never alone in our suffering. We all experience sadness, frustration, worry, fear…no matter how happy someone may appear on the outside; it’s part of being human. By sharing these experiences, we immediately release the intensity of them and this frees up vital space for a new thought or perspective to take its place.

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My Unexpected Turning Point

An inspiring true story that I read one day really resonated with me; it allowed me to recognise suppressed resentment that I felt towards my Dad. Through following some powerful steps to let this resentment go (involving many tears), I felt a weight was lifted and our relationship was rekindled.


What changed?

Although I did not expect this release of emotion and rekindled relationship to be the solution to my problems, it was a major turning point for me in that it had a positive knock on effect in all areas of my life…


  • I entered a journey of self-discovery and personal growth that has remained an essential part of my daily life
  • I achieved my highest grades in my final year of university and was purposefully going out and meeting new people and starting conversations
  • I began speaking my mind more openly and honestly
  • I took a job offer which involved moving abroad on my own to an unfamiliar country and culture (which turned out to be the best, most unexpected move I’d ever made!)
  • I made invaluable friendships with whom I can be completely myself
  • I developed a wonderful intuitive relationship with food and my body
  • I found my ideal fitness regime that feels fun, varied and nurturing
  • I explored and developed my spirituality
  • I learnt to take control of my mind and to embrace mindfulness in my daily living
  • I discovered my true passions and values and my purpose in life
  • I learnt to love myself and be my own best friend


Now I’m sharing with you the exact steps I took to achieve these results, so that you too can free yourself of all the limiting thoughts, beliefs and habits that have been covering up your true, ideal nature: Confident, Radiant, Truly Happy in Your Own Skin!


The Confident Introvert Academy:

How to Stop Overthinking, Self-Judging and Holding Back So You Can Finally Feel Confident & Excited to Live Life as Your True Self.

~ 15 Week Transformational Coaching ~

This programme has one purpose for you:  to support you in discovering your true ideal self; the person you are meant to be, who has always been right there inside of you, underneath endless layers of false beliefs and labels…


What would that look like?


Well, imagine if you could:

  • speak your mind without worrying what others will think of you
  • feel completely at ease in your body
  • believe that you are worthy; that you are enough; that you matter
  • wake up feeling excited to learn and grow each day
  • feel healthy and balanced inside and out
  • build meaningful, inspiring and loving relationships
  • connect with your sense of purpose in life
  • live in alignment with your core values and desires


How does that sound?


Let me walk you through, step-by-step, how we will tap into your innate inner confidence so that you can finally live life as your true self.


During this one-to-one 15 week coaching program, involving weekly calls, exercises and unlimited email support, we will journey through the following steps…

Step 1 - Let Go of Your Past: Release Suppressed Emotions That Are Blocking Your Life’s Flow

This step is about recognising old emotions that you’ve been holding on to, whether consciously or not.  You may have buried them down deep within you or perhaps just assumed they will always be there. But the truth is they could be the very blockage that’s been holding you back. Here we will shed light on those blocks and watch them dissolve.

You will learn:

  • The #1 approach to shed light on your inner blocks and interpret your past without judgement
  • How to tap into honesty and vulnerability without feeling fear
  • The most powerful process to let go of your emotional blocks so you can finally make way for ease and flow in your life


Bonus Templates You’ll Receive:

*8 Self-Discovery Questions to Reveal Your Emotional Blocks

* Your Go-To Guide to Personal Healing

*The Art of Riding the Emotional Wave

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Step 2 - You Are Not Your Mind: Discovering Your True Self

Here you will identify your limiting thoughts, beliefs and habits; how they show up, where they came from and the impact they have on your life. Through the power of awareness and shifts in perspective, you will gradually break free from the confines of your mind; from what no longer serves you, inviting you to discover who you really are.

You will Learn:

  • The key to uncovering the real reasons for your lack of self-confidence
  • How to master the power of awareness and perspective
  • How to transform limiting beliefs and behaviours into ones that are aligned with your true self


Bonus Templates You’ll Receive:

    * A Guide to Meditation

    * Mindset Mastery: From Victim to Empowered 

    * Understanding the Ego Mind


Step 3 – Plant the Seed of Self-Love: Becoming Your Own Best Friend

Now with your newfound power to control your thoughts and your perspective, you will begin to transform the relationship you have with yourself. This step is absolutely crucial, not only for developing true self-confidence but to be able to thrive in all areas of your life.

You will learn:

  • How to release self-judgment and ignite self-compassion
  • The incredible power of gratitude and its knock-on effect in all areas of your life
  • How to rely on yourself as your own best friend and number one supporter


Bonus Templates You’ll Receive:

* Self-Love Letter: A Message from Your True Self

* 8 Powerful Tips to Transform the Way You View Yourself

* Cultivate Self-love and Acceptance using Emotional Freedom Technique (optional live session)

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Step 4 – Honour Your Body: How to Stay Connected to Your Body's Needs Through Mindfulness, Intuition, Self-Trust and Self-Respect

This step is about strengthening your mind-body intuition; the part of you that is able to hear what your body really needs in each moment. Instead of being constantly influenced by other people, whether it's your friends, family or the media, you’ll be able to tune inwards, and honour your choices. The more you do this, the more empowered you’ll feel to prioritise your health and self-care without guilt or fear of what others will think. Your motivation will come from the genuine love and respect you feel towards your body as well as the amazing physical benefits that it brings.

You will learn:

  • How to tune in to your unique body to know exactly what and when to eat and how and when to exercise, take breaks, get outside, hydrate and sleep
  • How to confidently express and honour your choices when with others
  • How to appreciate the many gifts of movement, including the joy, energy, confidence and calm that it brings, instead of seeing it as a means of calorie burning and weight loss
  • How to keep your motivation up and prevent getting stuck in lazy mode


Bonus Templates You’ll Receive:

*What Should I Do? A Fool Proof Method to Tune In To Your Inner Guidance

*What Do I Want to Experience In My Body & How Do I Want to Feel?

*Getting Active When You Don’t Feel Like Going Out

*Conscious Eating Guide


Step 5 – Surrounded by Love: How to Attract and Nurture Ideal Relationships

Having planted the fundamental seed of self-love and care, you will notice how the other relationships in your life start to transform. You will discover your own voice and the beauty and freedom that arises when you give yourself permission to just be you around others.

You will learn:

  • How to honour your personal needs and desires without fear or guilt
  • How to consciously choose relationships that support and inspire you
  • The key to creating true connection and mutual understanding


Bonus templates you’ll receive:

* What Our Judgements Really Mean and How to Transform Them

* Perspective Check: How to Take Empowered Responsibility in Uncomfortable or Difficult Situations

* A Powerful Guide to Step into Your Ideal Self

* Top Tricks to Mastering Confident Body Language


Step 6 – Awaken to Your Purpose: Becoming the Creator of Your Ideal Life

Here we will get crystal clear on what truly lights you up, where you shine, and what matters most to you; not only to bring this to the foreground of your life, but to also open your mind to what is possible for you, starting now.

You will learn:

  • The no.1 formula to discovering your true purpose
  • The secret to manifesting your dreams and desires into reality
  • Your unique gifts and how to share these with the world


Bonus Templates You’ll Receive:

* Step by Step Guide to Discovering Your True Purpose

* Top Tips to Maintain Work/Life Balance: How to Stay Focused, Organised and Productive Without the Overwhelm

*8 Mindset Hacks to Create Your Reality and Live Your Purpose

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“Alie’s kindness and advice has been so helpful!  I really liked going through this programme, talking about my feelings with Alie has given me a more positive mindset on life!!

I found the resources she shared with me a helpful way to feel calm. I see the improvement on myself now compared to a few months ago when I was feeling self-conscious and not good enough! Going through Alie’s steps has made me feel more positive about negative feelings I had. Talking to her about my feelings and opening up has been a stress reliever.”

~Maddi, UK.

What Makes This Programme So Unique?

The order of these 6 steps is specifically designed to ensure you experience the most success, with each one building onto the next. The focus begins on your emotional and mental wellbeing; then onto self-love and physical self-care; then onto your relationships and finally onto your passion and purpose in life. There is a gradual shift from inner to outer focus as I strongly believe that our outer world is a reflection of our inner world...As within, so without 🙂 

I place great value on having private time and space to reflect deeply, especially around new or sensitive topics and concepts. As a result, there will often be journal exercises to complete and send back to me before our calls.

Afterwards, during our calls, you will have the opportunity to express out loud these reflections with me (a very beneficial process!) which we will evaluate and explore how to move you forward in the most effective way.

Consequently, we may complete the programme in slightly less or more time depending on how long you take to send back your journal workbook and the scheduling of our calls.

Essentially, there will be 2 coaching sessions per step, however I have included 3 integration weeks (with 3 extra sessions) after steps 2, 4 and 6 where you'll have the opportunity to catch up or continue working on your most challenging areas.


During our sessions, I will support you to:

  • Get clear on your goals and dreams related to each step
  • Uncover and overcome the blocks and limitations that are keeping you stuck
  • Open your mind to what is possible
  • Take inspired action
  • Hold you accountable to follow through and stay committed
  • Empower you to be your own coach as you continue to grow through life


This system is the ultimate toolbox for life.


You will:

  1. Be empowered to maintain balance and harmony throughout all areas of your life
  2. Be able to deal with unexpected challenges or changes due to feeling grounded, mindful and aware of the bigger picture
  3. Have a collection of techniques, skills and strategies to use whenever you need them

“Working with Alie has been the start of an amazing journey; I say start as Alie makes you realise that working on yourself is a lifelong journey, something that doesn't happen overnight. Instead she guides you and makes you feel secure, providing a place to feel safe to free yourself of the burdens that you may carry.

With Alie's guidance, her practices and support, I have started to overcome my issues around food, finding freedom and acceptance in myself, a thing I never ever imagined I could do. The practices made me suddenly feel light, empowered and calm with a sense of achievement. I cannot recommend Alie enough; she is truly a ray of sunshine and I loved being able to work with her.”  

~ Suzanne, UK

Let’s get even clearer here. This programme is not for you if:

  • you are not ready to change your life
  • you would rather keep making excuses than take inspired action
  • you refuse to be open-minded; to learn about and try new things
  • you prefer to play the victim ‘woe is me’ role
  • you are not willing to be honest and open about your life

So…are you ready to invest in yourself?

Your health, happiness and growth depend on it!

Terms and Conditions

I am confident that The Shy Introvert's Pathway to a Life of True Confidence has the power to create transformational results in your life. 
However, your success depends on your full commitment to the programme which includes completing the journal exercises, consistent scheduling and attendance of coaching sessions, and putting the tools, tips and insight that you will gain into practice by taking inspired action. If you commit to this and ask for support whenever needed but still do not feel satisfied with your experience within the first 30 days, you are entitled to a refund, minus a non-refundable fee for the 30 day period. There will be no refunds for cancellations beyond the first 30 days.

It is highly recommended that you schedule our coaching sessions on a weekly basis (or as close as possible) to ensure consistent progress and to complete the programme within 15 weeks. Any unused sessions past 15 weeks must be completed within the 8 weeks that follow. Beyond this, any unused sessions will expire.