Life On Purpose

Step into your most authentic and aligned way of being & doing in the world

Do you have a deep desire to live a life true to yourself, that naturally enhances your wellbeing, happiness & confidence?

Do you want to feel deeply connected to your purpose in life, where you're making a difference to the lives of others or the planet in a way that you love & value?

Do you want your work to feel meaningful, exciting & rewarding?

Do you feel like your soul is calling you to make a change and you're ready to listen and act upon it? don't know where to begin or what steps to take & you know your fears are holding you back?

If that sounds like you, allow me to introduce:
Life on Purpose!

This is a 10 week live 1:1 program designed for you to:

✨ Let go of everything you are not, to step in to who you truly are

✨ Discover and own YOUR purpose; your unique way of impacting the world

✨ Know exactly where to direct your energy & what steps to take

✨ Feel inspired, energized & aligned with your heart and soul

✨ Honor your natural gifts & talents and share these with confidence

✨ Trust your ideas and intuition & take action upon them

✨ Fulfil your true potential as the unique mind-body-soul that you are


The Steps

1. Acknowledging the uniqueness of you; all the parts that shape who you are and matter to you

2. Identifying your blocks; your limiting beliefs, stories and fears that are holding you back

3. Aligning your mindset; with who you want to be, with your most empowered, soul-aligned self

4. Aligning your habits; again with who you want to be, with what truly matters to you & supports you

5. Discovering your purpose; your unique way of impacting the world that feels most natural, enjoyable and meaningful to you!

6. Creating your plan; formulating the steps you need to take to bring your purpose to life; detailed yet flexible; that you can start taking from now

7. Living your life on purpose; practicing the sacred balance of being and doing, of feminine and masculine energy, leading with your heart and soul, connected to the bigger picture

The more you know and honour your true self by aligning your mind, body, soul, the clearer your purpose will be and the more prepared you'll be to fulfil it.

We will move through these steps throughout the 10 weeks, with weekly calls, powerful journal exercises & unlimited email support during the week.


Why is this so valuable?

Within this supportive one-to-one container, with me as your coach and guide, you will benefit from:

🔸 Having a safe place to express yourself freely; to feel heard and understood

🔸 Powerful questions for you to get super clear on who you are and what your purpose is

🔸 Support to move THROUGH fears and challenges that come up along the way instead of getting stuck of giving up (this one is huge!)

🔸 Guidance to clarify your next best steps and be held accountable to taking consistent aligned action upon them

🔸 Having a personal cheerleader (me!) who 100% believes in you, your dreams and your potential

Remember: the magic, wisdom and next level confidence that you long for...lies on the other side of fear!



£625 (or 3 monthly payments of £215).

If this is calling you, click the button below to book a free discovery call with me so we can make sure that this program is a great fit for you!