Express Yourself!

This is a 22 day live experience designed for you to:

🧡 Harness your self-worthiness (from within!)

🧡 Supercharge your confidence in expressing yourself as the real, fullest you

🧡 Activate your belief & courage to make your desires a reality

All inside a private Facebook group where you'll receive amazing daily insights and practices from me & have a daily video task to complete (weekends off!)


What makes this experience so special:

🔸 This will be YOUR safe place to practice and hone being seen and head as the real you!


🔸 You'll be doing it alongside other women just like you! There is SO much power in knowing that you are not alone, and together you will be co-creating a super supportive, empowering group energy that you get to calibrate to.


🔸 You'll be taking DAILY action to expand your comfort zone! This is how you collapse time and see results so much quicker than you would otherwise!

Now I know the thought of video can be scary but trust me, it is such a powerful and effective way to enhance your ability to express yourself.

How? Because as you watch yourself back (and get more and more comfortable doing this!), you get to learn, tweak, release and embrace different aspects of yourself as you go!


This really is the perfect blend of challenge and FUN! 

You will feel alive because you'll be doing something outside your normal routine and comfort zone. 

And you'll feel so proud of the transformation you make by the end.

Next start date: TBC

Message me here to secure your spot for the next round!

P.S although this is a live experience, there will always be replays available + weekends to catch up if you need to!