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Client Love

Working with Alie has been the start of an amazing journey; I say start as Alie makes you realise that working on yourself is a lifelong journey, something that doesn't happen overnight. Instead she guides you and makes you feel secure, providing a place to feel safe to free yourself of the burdens that you may carry. With Alie's guidance, her practices and support I have started to overcome my issues around my body & food, finding freedom and acceptance in myself, a thing I never ever imagined I could do. The practices made me suddenly feel light, empowered and calm with a sense of achievement. I can not recommend Alie enough; she is truly a ray of sunshine and I loved being able to work with her - Suz.


When I first started coaching with Alie, my confidence was almost 0. I thought being an introvert was something not to be proud of and it was difficult to accept. I also had a lot of fears in several areas of my life. Going through her program and having the calls to hold me accountable was a lifesaver. I have more confidence in speaking up for what I want. I accept that I am an introvert and proud to be one. This was an excellent starter in beginning to change my ways of thinking and healing some old wounds & I’m truly thankful for the work and guidance that Alie provided. I highly recommend this program to anyone who needs guidance in taking the first steps. - Karen


How rare it is, in today’s world, to find someone who listens empathetically and provides you with the space and comfort to heal yourself! Alie is wonderful, she has a very comforting aura that is so genuinely welcoming. With Alie’s guidance, it has been easier to cope with my anxiety and accept my flaws. It helped me to stop carrying unnecessary baggage. My confidence rose and I've become more comfortable with myself. It almost feels unreal. - Amreen


Alie’s kindness and advice has been so helpful! I loved going through her programme, talking about my feelings and opening up has been such a stress reliever and has given me a more positive mindset on life!! The practices and resources she shared helped me to feel calm. I see the improvement on myself now compared to a few months ago when I was feeling self-conscious and not good enough! Going through Alie’s steps has made me feel much more positive about negative feelings I had. - Maddi


I just wanted to say thank you...I looked in the mirror without thinking this morning and told myself I loved me and that I was amazing. I said it to myself and meant it. And it wasn't forced, it was a natural reaction to seeing myself. This is HUGE!!!!! I have never in my life done that. I might have done it as part of some meditative practice but I never meant it. So thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!  - Suzanne