The 21 Day Self Worth Bootcamp

Let's get honest here...

👉 Do you judge yourself harshly on a regular basis?

👉 Do you spend hours worrying what others think of you?

👉 Do you lack belief and trust in yourself to do anything outside your comfort zone?

👉 Do you question your worth and value as a person?


If you answered yes to any of those, it's because of low self-worth.


What even is self-worth?


Well, when it's strong, it's like having a super power!


It's your own inner voice of unconditional love, understanding and support...


Your inner best friend who's ALWAYS there for you no matter what...


🧡 preventing you from falling into endless negative thought patterns

🧡 comforting you and acknowledging your feelings when you need it most

🧡 reminding you of everything you've gone through so far and everything you have to offer

🧡 believing in you and encouraging you to keep moving towards your dreams (and breaking through fears in the process)

🧡 supporting you and inspiring you to get back up again when you feel like giving up

🧡 reminding you that you matter, that you are worthy regardless of your mistakes, weaknesses, imperfections, other people's opinions etc etc


Knowing your unconditional self worth really is the foundation to living a truly happy and confident life and to thrive in all areas.


You have access to ALL of this...and it's right inside of you!


Because the truth is: you are worthy simply for being alive!


It's not something that you gain or lose depending on how you look...or what you own...or what you do (this is just what we've been conditioned to believe).


I know this can be hard to sink in at first.


So I describe it like a muscle which you have to build and take care of in order to keep it alive and strong.


How do you do that? 


Well, I've handpicked 21 KEY mindset shifts and practical exercises specifically designed to build your self-worth.


All you have to do is commit to completing the task assigned to each day (and share your experiences in the group provided) and watch your self-worth grow!


The aim of the bootcamp is for it to be an EXPERIENCE, not just more information that you consume without acting upon.


What's included:

🌟 21 days of mini audios and email prompts, and all of them in one place afterwards (to have forever). You’ll have one focused task to complete each day.


🌟 Access to a private FB group to share your experiences and ask any questions as you go through the audios.


The purpose of this group is for you to:

- Open up and embrace honesty and vulnerability (a strength not a weakness!)
- Declare your new beliefs, habits and intentions
- Be held accountable to actually doing the tasks

- Celebrate yours and others’ commitment and breakthroughs


Surrounding yourself with others who are working on this too & who are open minded and committed (like you) has such a powerful influence!

I just wanted to say thank you...Even though I am only on Day 16, I looked in the mirror without thinking this morning and told myself I loved me and that I was amazing. I said it to myself and meant it. And it wasn't forced, it was a natural reaction to seeing myself. This is HUGE!!!!! I have never in my life done that. I might have done it as part of some meditative practice but I never meant it. So thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!  ~ Bootcamp participant

Go from feeling hopeless and never good enough to powerful and worthy in 21 days!


Remember, this is for the woman who is committed to upgrading her mindset and relationship with herself by taking inspired action, and to see what is possible once that happens.


If you are that woman, then let's get started!


21 Day Self Worth Bootcamp - £45

*Note: the email you provide during payment will be the email that the audios will be be sent to. If you'd prefer to receive the audios via a different email, please message me here to let me know.

Alie's 21 Day Bootcamp was exactly what I needed during the shelter in place. Each day we were given a positive action to take, and it was a consistent reminder to be grateful for the things that matter, and to do various other exercises that furthered my confidence and happiness. Thank you Alie! ~ Teal, US