5 Things You Should Know About Your Mind (That Will Change Your Life!)

Along with understanding what it really means to be an introvert and realising that I’m not alone and that there’s nothing wrong with me…!

The other biggest learning of mine was understanding the nature & power of my mind, and realising that I could CHOOSE my beliefs and the thoughts I focus on…

which impact every part of my life!

Once you realise this, the first step is to identify what your current limiting thoughts and beliefs are. For example:

👉 ‘I’m not good enough’

👉 ‘I don’t know enough/I’m not interesting enough to contribute to the conversation’

👉 ‘I’m not attractive enough’

👉 ‘I’m not experienced enough or confident enough to put myself out there/try something new’

👉 ‘I don’t know what to say’

👉 ‘People will judge me’

👉 ‘I could never do/be/have that’

Once you’ve identified them, here’s what you need to know:

1. Thoughts come and go, but the ones that your mind repeats (along with the feelings they evoke), will get reinforced and turned into beliefs.

2. Your thoughts and beliefs are not facts, but what you believe to be true, will be true for you!

3. Your thoughts & beliefs directly influence how you perceive things, what you pay attention to, how you feel, the words you speak and the actions you take

4. Many of your core beliefs are formed during childhood and lie within your subconscious mind. They act like programs running in the background of your life (without your conscious awareness).

If they are limiting beliefs, they account for the majority of your struggles, and if they are empowering beliefs, they account for the majority of your successes.

5. [The best part!] You can reprogram your mind by identifying your limiting thoughts and beliefs and intentionally replacing them with ones that support you and your desires and make you feel good. With ones that are loving, understanding, empowering and optimistic. 

The more you repeat these thoughts, along with the feelings they evoke, the more they will get reinforced to the point where you believe them to be true. 

Then these beliefs will influence the rest of your life!

The bottom line is…

If you want to feel truly happy and at peace with who you are; to express yourself confidently; to believe in your abilities and potential; to make the impact you desire to make…

You’ve got to start talking to yourself (and about yourself) differently. You’ve got to be on your own side! 💜

Taking it next level

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