You Are Not Limited to Your Patterns

Whilst I’m all for honouring your needs and preferences, both as an introvert, and as a unique individual…

I’m also very aware that we all develop patterns in our thinking, feelings, movement and behaviour based on our experiences and the labels, i.e. beliefs, that we adopt over the years.

And the reality is that we live so much of our lives based on these habitual patterns.

The more we repeat these patterns, the more we identify with them and assume that it’s just the way we are (or that it’s too hard to change them).

Some of these patterns serve us (at least for a while) e.g. they make things easier as there’s no decision making needed.

And of course if we created them consciously to begin with e.g. to serve our health & wellbeing, then that’s great.

Other patterns however, can easily limit us.

This may be because the pattern itself is unhealthy or disempowering such as overeating, bad posture or self-critical thoughts.

Or it could be limiting in a more literal way because whenever we identify with something i.e. we believe it is part of who we are, we prevent ourselves from being or doing anything different.

The risk with all habits, even if they are ‘good’ ones, is that we usually stop being conscious about them.

They become another automated thing that we do without being fully present; without having an intention behind them; without questioning whether or not they are actually serving us at any given time.

The good news is: your patterns are not permanent!

So if there’s something you want to change – such as the way you feel about yourself and how you show up in the world – you CAN!

Sure, it’s going to require patience and commitment to create a new pattern, but it’s totally possible.

Here are 3 tips on creating a new pattern:

  1. Start small and do it daily! It could be as simple as waking up, putting your hand on your heart and saying ‘thank you’ or ‘I love you’ before you get out of bed. Consistency is key!
  2. Stay focused on why you want to create a new pattern i.e. what you will gain from it and keep reminding yourself of this!
  3. Instead of doing the exact same thing daily (to create a new pattern), you could also commit to doing something new daily, whether it’s physically moving around your house in a different way, creating something new, or trying out a new class/activity. This sense of novelty is a great way to engage your senses and break out of autopilot!.

Alternatively, if it’s a habit or pattern you’d like to keep because you know its value, but you’ve stopped being present with it, you can always choose to be present again and to recommit to stating your intention each time.

So remember:

You are not limited to a set of labels or patterns.

You are multi-faceted and ever-evolving!

You are powerful and dynamic!

And you get to consciously create who you want to be in any moment you choose.

If you’d like support in breaking free from your limiting patterns and in creating new ones that align with all that you desire to be, do and have, message me here or book a complimentary call here and we’ll discover your next best steps together!