It’s Time to Wake Up and Claim Your True Power

Let’s imagine for a moment…

Your alarm goes off and you immediately start thinking low vibe thoughts which triggers low vibe emotions (e.g. worry, dread, frustration, annoyance, stress).

You go through the motions of showering, getting dressed, eating, driving and other daily tasks on autopilot whilst your mind worries about other things.

You react negatively towards people and circumstances that don’t act or occur the way you want them to.

You react negatively towards yourself when you make mistakes or do things that you regret.

Aside from your negative reactions, you mostly suppress your true feelings and tell people (in true parrot fashion) ‘I’m fine, and you?’ until it becomes too much to hold in, leading to emotional outbursts (tears, anger).

You equate being busy with being productive, and being productive with being worthy, so you make sure you’re always doing things (to convince yourself & others that you’re worthy) until you wear yourself out.

Finally, you go to bed, wondering where the day went to, and with a sense of dread or dissatisfaction that you have to do it all again tomorrow.

(It’s over now – you can let out a sigh!)

Seriously though, how does that sound to you?

Not so appealing, right?

And yet it’s SO easy to live life this way!

If you’ve ever asked yourself, ‘Is this really what life is meant to be about? Constant worry, struggle and dissatisfaction?’

I’m here to tell you the answer is NO!

You are here to realise and utilise your true power.

Your power to choose what you give your focus & energy to (through your thoughts, feelings and actions).

And subsequently your power to attract and create the experiences you desire.

In doing this, you become a shining example for others to follow, if they feel called to (their decision, not yours).

This is how you get to create your own sense of inner safety and authority.

The rest is about trust and flow (not for you to control).

So let me ask you:

Are you ready to stop living a life of constant worry and struggle, consumed by your mind as your body moves on autopilot?

And are you ready to discover and own your true power, allowing you to consciously create the life you desire?

  • A life where you feel complete safety and freedom to be you? (Because you give yourself this permission!)
  • A life where you feel fully awake and alive in the moment, connected to the bigger picture?
  • A life where you prioritise your desires, your happiness and wellbeing, knowing that in doing so, you naturally serve others?

If so, I am here to help you make this happen! Feel free to private message me on social media or book a complimentary chat with me here.

Let’s collapse time and make magic happen together!

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