The Most Powerful Practice to Increase Your Happiness and Confidence Level

So often we dismiss or take for granted the simple joys and pleasures in our lives; the many wonderful things that we have or experience on a daily basis.

We also do this with our abilities, strengths, achievements and progress, especially so when we lack confidence.

But why?

It’s because our brains are wired to filter these things out and to focus on what we have decided is more important, which is primarily:

  • Protecting our ego e.g. by avoiding situations that may lead to getting judged, rejected or failing
  • Staying alive e.g. by worrying about our jobs and finances and things that could go wrong

Of course, a certain amount of attention on these things, particularly the latter, is necessary.

But if we aren’t careful, the chronic worrying and negative thinking can take over everything and rob us of the happiness and confidence we so desperately long for.

So, as a result, it’s up to us to break this pattern; to rewire our brain’s filtering system.


It’s actually quite simple.

The power of acknowledgement

It all starts with what you choose to acknowledge, and the extent to which you do this!

For example, whenever something makes you smile or laugh…whenever you’re enjoying or appreciating something… it could be food, a glass of water, a hot shower, the sunshine, a compliment you receive, a joke you hear, a song that you love…Acknowledge it!

Equally, whenever you learn something, move through a challenge, overcome a fear, take action towards your desires, do something different to break the patterns that are holding you back…no matter how small, acknowledge it! (Including ones from the past!)

Of course, the extent to which you acknowledge these things is where the magic lies.

5 Steps to Amplify Your Acknowledgements

1. Pause! Stop what you’re doing and allow the acknowledgement (e.g. the happy moment or the fact that you kept to your word and took action) to really sink in.

2. Think about it – Smile and ask yourself, ‘Why is this a special moment?’

3. Feel it – How do you feel in your mind, body and heart?

4. Write about it – whether you choose to write about it in the moment or just before bed, putting pen to paper will consolidate it in your mind one step further.

5. Talk about it! This one can be more difficult for introverts and overthinkers as we tend to process things internally and don’t feel the need to express seemingly obvious or trivial things out loud, or we don’t feel comfortable talking about our strengths and achievements because we’re so used to downplaying them and don’t want to appear arrogant…

However, talking about it is actually the most powerful way to amplify your acknowledgements!

Tip: If you don’t feel like talking to someone about them, you can always talk aloud to yourself.

All of these steps help to anchor your acknowledgements into your being, in other words, they tell your brain that these things are important!

This then makes your brain look for more of these positive moments and reasons to celebrate yourself!

As a result, it starts to filter out the negative ones – all the reasons to fear, doubt, judge, complain, and not be happy – that you used to focus on.

There’s always another perspective

The reality is that there’s always another perspective to every situation.

So where there is fear, there is also love; where there is lack, there is also abundance; where there is challenge there is also growth; where there are reasons to complain and be unhappy, there are also reasons to feel grateful and fulfilled.

It all depends on what you choose to tune in to, to acknowledge and to amplify i.e. focus on.

But here’s the best part:

The more you do it, the more it becomes a habit. This then creates a shift in your mindset and becomes a part of your identity!

So instead of letting the happy moments and simple pleasures slip by…

Instead of always underestimating your abilities and your progress…

You become the one who relishes the moments of joy!

The one who sees and embraces the positives and the lessons!

The one who owns her achievements, strengths and journey with confidence!

It’s just what you do; it’s who you’ve become.

So, if this is speaking to you right now, this is your opportunity to amplify it!

Close your eyes and tune in to how it feels to be that person.

Drop a comment below, make a note in your journal and tell a friend or family member – trust me, it will make all the difference!


  1. Brooke on April 15, 2020 at 7:04 pm

    Awesome post. Needed to hear this today and every day.
    Going forward I want to:
    1. Stop every day before noon for 3 to 10 min of mindfulness through meditation.
    2. Bundle the stop and pause habit with the purposeful, directed thought habit of putting to words one to three things I am proud to have accomplished, like quitting smoking, grateful to receive today, like a beautiful day, and happy to look forward to, like ever increasing financial security due to being a lifelong learner who welcomes new challenges (often through seeming failures) and productive relationships that I nurture with intention.
    3. Take a moment to feel and name the feelings those thoughts inspire in me. Locate and describe the physical and emotional feelings.
    4. Bundle the meditation, thoughtfulness and feeling-naming exercise with pen and paper, in order to draw and write them out, one to three pages max.
    5. Finally, devote the last part of my Hour Inspired by Alie in the morning recording a short 3 to 10 min audio or video diary/summary of the intel I just gathered and post it privately to YT.
    Do this three to five (maybe five to seven) times per week. Whichever is more doable, as long as it is every week for four consecutive weeks.
    Reward myself once I have marked those four week complete with …. some self-care ritual where money is no object. Either a new vacuum cleaner (I know I am not the only one who loves vacuuming! Lol), or a trip to the beauty salon, or an online shopping spree through Groupon (because money can be no object, but getting a killer bargain offers a sweet satisfaction all it’s own, as long as it doesn’t affect quality). Oh! Or finally invest in a pair of tailored-to-fit-and-flatter-me jeans.
    Starting now, so I can check off the week of April 15, 2020 as done.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

    • wellnesswithalie on April 16, 2020 at 2:16 pm

      You’re welcome Brooke! I love your intentions and how specific they are (with a little room for flexibility)! I’m sure you’ll experience amazing results!

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