Embrace the Contradictions

When I got my kindle about 2 years ago, I loved searching for inspiring, motivational books to download and for a time I enjoyed reading them on the kindle. However, after a while I found myself feeling guilty at the accumulating list of unread books I had on there. I just wasn’t finding the time or motivation to read them.

I’m pretty sure one main reason for this is that since then, I have subscribed to many different newsletters and blogs (all in the field of health, wellness, psychology, life…) which I read everyday and so I like to prioritise the rest of my time doing things that don’t involve reading.

Enter audiobooks and podcasts! These have been the perfect solution. Podcasts are free (on iTunes) and I buy my audiobooks through the app Audible which offers some great subscription packages. I now listen to a podcast or audiobook whenever I’m driving (and sometimes continue to listen when I get home if I’m particularly engrossed in one and don’t want to pause yet!). I don’t even mind when I get stuck in traffic or when I have to drive a long way because I’m so inspired and entertained by them!

So if you are also feeling like you have little time or energy to read, but you still want to absorb all the knowledge and insight and inspiration that so many thought leaders, speakers and authors are sharing around the world, I highly recommend getting into them.

Which brings me to the main topic of this blog! After listening to the audiobook ‘White Hot Truth’ by Danielle LaPorte, there is a part in which she describes the contradictions in life which, instead of feeling frustrated and confused by, we should embrace. She says,

‘True wisdom is paradoxical; it transcends opposing points of view. It knows there is always an exception to the rule.’

This really resonated with me and inspired me to write my own list of life contradictions. Here they are:

  1. Celebrate the triumphs and Celebrate the failures
  2. Put the effort in and Trust that it will all work out
  3. Dream big and Be realistic
  4. Stand by your truth and Be open to exceptions
  5. Plan and prepare and Go with the flow
  6. Be sensible and practical and Follow your heart
  7. Set goals and Embrace the journey
  8. Be willing to let your guard down and take risks and Set clear boundaries
  9. Speak your mind and Just listen, acknowledge and let it go
  10. Say yes to new opportunities and challenges and Say no when you don’t feel like it
  11. Push yourself a little further and Rest a little more
  12. Think it over and Act now
  13. Embrace the feminine in you and Embrace the masculine in you
  14. Teach your kids what you know and Let them work it out for themselves
  15. Be the creation that you are and Be the creator that you are
  16. Seek guidance from others and Trust that you already know the answers
  17. Be curious and inquisitive and Be ok with the unknown
  18. Be humble and Be proud
  19. Be optimistic and Let go of all expectations
  20. Strive to be the best version of you and Embrace all your imperfections
  21. Believe and have faith in a greater power and Accept what you don’t know to be true
  22. Follow what’s tried and tested and Do your own experiments
  23. You create your own reality and We are all co-creating this world together
  24. We are each completely unique and When you look inside, we are all the same

And finally,

  1. Just chill; take your time…and…Life is short so get living!


I find the more I write, the more I think of!
Which ones resonate for you? Do you have more to add?



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