Share Your Shame & Set Yourself Free

From a very early age, my school reports would repeatedly comment on my quietness and my lack of contribution in class. These kinds of comments didn’t really affect me until I entered my teens and started high school. My quiet, introverted nature became more obvious as I compared myself to my outgoing, seemingly confident peers.…

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What Does It Mean To Be Highly Sensitive?

If someone were to call you ‘highly sensitive,’ how would you feel about it? I know in the past I would have taken it as an offence, as I’ve always associated it with being overly (and outwardly) emotional, touchy and perhaps even explosive at times. For this reason, I’ve never considered myself as ‘highly sensitive’…

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The Introvert Problem That We’re Not Talking About

As an introvert, I know all too well the many struggles we “quiet ones” are prone to experiencing. Until now however, there’s one struggle that I have not yet revealed to anyone but my partner. Today I feel the courage to share it in the hope that it brings awareness, relief, and support to anyone…

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