About me

Hi, I’m Alie, a Confidence Coach and Eternal Student of Life!

I support shy introvert women to break free from overthinking, self-judgement and holding back so they can finally feel confident to live life as their true selves: mind, body and soul

Throughout my teens and early 20s, I lived for the most part inside my head; controlled by my fear driven mind, nasty self-talk and an ever-growing number of beliefs that I was not good enough or significant enough (in any area) to feel content with myself or valued in the eyes of others.

I was ashamed of my quiet reserved nature and I was extremely self-conscious which lead to me starving my body. I didn’t know who I was; I either tried to be like others purely to fit in and feel liked, or I just felt alone, like I was the only one feeling this way and it was easier just to withdraw.

I longed to be different; to be confident, happy and full of life. But every time I tried, I couldn’t maintain it and I’d end up letting myself down.

Until I reached an unexpected turning point. After releasing some powerful suppressed emotions, I entered a journey of self-discovery, reflection and growth. I learnt about the power of the mind and the power of present moment awareness. I cultivated self-love and respect, I began prioritizing harmony and balance in all areas of my life. I discovered my true self and the ability we all have to consciously create our ideal reality.

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My approach

I believe that life is about learning and growing. It is a journey of self-discovery, in which there is no end destination. As long as we stay open and willing to learn from our experiences and to apply the wisdom we gain, we will always be rising, expanding, and enriching our lives.

This is the journey I will introduce you to and guide you through, until it becomes your natural way of living.

Every area of your life is connected, from your mindset to your health, relationships, career, finances and spirituality. It is our own responsibility to nurture each area in order to maintain balance and growth. But first you need the awareness, insight and tools to do so. My purpose is to provide you with exactly that, along with a whole lot of love and encouragement to keep you moving forward toward your goals.

I know what it feels like to be stuck inside an overthinking mind, to always be holding back, to feel alone as if you’re the odd one out and frustrated that you can’t seem to change.

I know what it feels like not to believe in yourself or trust in yourself when presented with a new or challenging situation. You play safe, you stay small, you hold onto comfort and familiarity.

But you know deep down that you want to take risks, to experience new things, to stretch yourself…and sometimes a little push and encouragement can work…until you fall back into your default thought patterns and behaviour and the frustration and disappointment returns.

You know why that happens? Because growth requires consistency and a solid foundation of support. You’ve got to feel the fear as you take a step out of your comfort zone, learn from it, grow from it and then see where you can take another step. The fear doesn’t always go away; it’s often part of the process. But you learn to see it for what it is, a mere limiting thought, that gets easier to overcome each time. And when you’re supported along the way, it gets easier still, and even fun!

Now that I’ve experienced this growth, I’m not stopping. I’ve found the way out and I want to guide you there with me.

What would it mean to you if you could express your inner most thoughts and feelings in a truly safe, non-judgemental space; to feel heard, understood and supported to determine the next best step for you…?


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