Are You Doing What You Love?

It’s only in the last 2 years that I’ve gotten really clear on my passions, values and natural strengths. Before that, I had never really asked myself the questions ‘What do I really love?’ or ‘What is important to me in life?’ For this reason, I used to hate being asked ‘So tell me about yourself’ when I met someone new as I wouldn’t really know what to say. I felt pressured to try to impress or interest the person yet I felt like there was nothing worthy to tell. This would then confirm to me that I was uninteresting and that I hadn’t ‘lived’ like everyone else.

Getting clear on your passions, values and strengths not only invites you to know yourself better and express yourself confidently, it also directs you to discover your purpose in life. It doesn’t matter whether you consider yourself spiritual or not, we can all discover our purpose.

What does purpose even mean?

Your purpose involves using your skills and natural talents to serve the world in an area that you truly value and feel passionate about.

It’s pretty huge! Finding your purpose is what will drive you to get up every morning, get you excited for the day ahead and motivate you to keep learning and growing so that you can contribute in new and different ways.

If you’re unsure of your passions, values and strengths then take some time now to ask yourself the questions below. It’s important to be on your own, at least at first, so that you can truly listen to your heart and be honest with yourself. Otherwise, it can be easy to write down things that maybe you used to like but no longer do or things that you think you ‘should’ believe in or things that your friends and family see as important that don’t necessarily ring true for you. Write down as many answers as you can for each question, there’s no limit!

Get Clear On Your Passions

  • What do you really love doing?
  • What lights you up and gets you excited?
  • What can you spend time doing where you don’t even notice how much time is passing?
  • What would you happily do for free?
  • What do you do every day that you never get bored of?
  • What inspires you?
  • If you had unlimited time and money, what would you really love to do?
  • What would your dream job be?

Get Clear On Your Values

  • What is really important to you in life?
  • What do you feel strongly about?
  • What do your personal goals revolve around?
  • What do you willingly spend your money on?
  • What do you admire in other people?

Get Clear On Your Skills & Natural Talents

  • What are you really good at?
  • What achievements are you proud of?
  • What do you feel really confident at?
  • What do others ask you to help them with?
  • Where are you most reliable and efficient?
  • What comes naturally to you?

I had so much fun doing this. It feels so good to know what I am truly passionate about, what I truly believe to be important and what my areas of strength are. It’s these very things that shape who we are and make us unique.

So now what?

Now you have to discover how to use all of these things to serve the world! Ultimately, our motivation will revolve around one or more of the following:

  • To provide care, support and conservation
  • To bring joy and satisfaction
  • To provide education and training
  • To provide comfort, security, ease and efficiency
  • To provide structure, management and organisation

Which one resonates with you? How much are you implementing this service right now?

If you are in a job or career that you feel stuck in or obliged to do and that does not bring you joy, then this is super important. You are not here to spend your life working just so that you can pay your bills or support your family. You are here to make a difference, no matter how big or small, and to experience joy and fulfilment whilst you do it.

When we do what we are passionate about, we thrive. We thrive in our work, in our relationships, in our finances and in our health. Because passion brings joy and joy is our birthright. We all deserve to be happy. What better way to experience happiness than through our service to the world?

Now if you are thinking, ‘yeah that’s all easy to say but there’s no way I could earn enough money doing that’ or ‘I can’t afford to get the training I need’ or ‘people would think I’m an idiot to quit my current job in order to pursue my dream,’ I know how that feels too; I had those exact thoughts. But thoughts is all they are – limiting thoughts to be exact.

Trust me, if you know what you would really love to be doing in your work, you will find a way to do it and to make money from it. Do the research. Plan the steps. Save up for the training and apply. Or apply now with a loan. Invest in yourself now so that you can spend the rest of your life truly living.


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